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Finding key future leaders and also supporting the process for developing quality employees skills.
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Information, services and program techniques are subjected to Mexico current regulations and to International Associations standards.
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Retrieving potentialities, reinforcing the positive, reducing the negative. Fulfilling the best version of each one.
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Relying company size, segment, location, needs, problematics and budget. TL will provide the program that suits best.
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The company & employees assessment guarantees an upgrade in KPIs (key performance indicators) and profitability increase.
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"Best place to work" possibilities increase, retention and loyalty, and also talent attraction.
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Mental Healthy employees impact positive in the growth score card indicators.
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Investment return, insurance reclaims decline, legal suits and accidents drop. Labor costs diminish.


Emotional Counseling

accredited professionals offer employees/families tools for solving problems or shift the focus on different situations that re affecting them. Companies use to expend millions of dollars a year for indirect costs related to mental health. This shouldn\92t been consider a benefit considering that it\B4s an internationally proved complete MODEL to increase productivity.

Legal & Financial Services

Recommendations and advices provided by professionals in order to solve extraordinary difficulties that affect the employees/families. Our indicators show that employee\B4s stress and instability related to divorce, alimony, domestic violence, traffic accidents and debts affect indicators such as: turnover, labor and medical claims, mobbing, and accidents inside or outside the workplace. Our database show too, that almost 3 of 10 employees (who ask help) need this special service.

Trainings & Communication

At the forefront in Human Develop new tendencies and communications ways, we provide effective information for employees through conferences, workshops, talks, webinars, podcasts and videos. Adjusting time, locations and needs of each client.

Lifestyle Services

Specialists will support you for improving different facets in life matters, such as expatriates, child and elder care, maternity, smoke quit; lay offs, retirement, vocational counselling, tuition programs, nutrition, fitness, recreational-occupational and cultural activities, etc.


Crisis managment

Having an EAP in advance will prevent the Company for unexpected situations that generate extraordinary expenses. However, this service is available even if the Company haven\92t implement the program yet. We provide immediate response by professional and multi functional teams to contain and handle any crisis that affect the organization related with personal.

Managers Coach/counselling

Business can be affected when strategies and objectives change. It also has an impact between the relationship of employees and company. This strategic service will provide the effective support to help the managers and employees to harmonious flow during this process, attending the emotionality and motivation that are always affected.

Smart Info

In addition of the social benefits, this program is design to support principally companies in their productivity. Therefore, our Logistic Area generate very accurate and important information for the Corporative client in order to support the organization in designing better strategies for the organization. Always protected with high confidentiality standards.

Formal reference

If an employee presents recurrently performance or attitude problems, this service translates into a great tool that could include Unions to facilitate compliance of the organization. After the process of FR, the company will determine further actions to confront the situation but with better foundations.


Touching Life

Touching Life Mexican company with 20 years of experience implementing productivity and wellness programs.

Succesffull network with professionals across the country. Services available person by person, by phone, and online. 24/365

The best partner for your business, the best advisor for your manager team, the best support for your employees/families.

Conscious of their value value ,we integrated the employees family too, knowing how family is related with the human being balance.

EAP. The only program that has a positive impact at the same time with employers, managers, employees, families, and society.

Our Values

  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Respect
Asesoría Legal
EASNA: Employee Assistance Society of North América y AMEDIRH: Asociación Mexicana de Dirección de Recursos Humanos.

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